The first national treasure carrying the hidden history of Japan


There are a lot of national treasures, but what I want to focus on is that I need to know the first national treasure. National Treasure 1 is in a very important position to know the origin of Japan, and there will be new discoveries in strange Japan.

その国宝は「弥勒菩薩半跏思惟像」(みろくぼさつ はんかしゆいぞう)。 京都で一番古いと言われる寺院、広隆寺(所在地:太秦)に所蔵されています。

The hidden history of JapanHere is 「Mirok bosatsu Han ka shiYui zou」.It is housed in koryu-ji Temple (location: Uzumsa), the oldest temple in Kyoto.


It was built more than 1300 years ago and remains very beautiful even today. It is excellent as a beauty of the sculpture carved from a single tree, and it gives off a emits  gentleness in a delicateut, and I think that the energy that Mitaka gives off is a splendid Buddha image that everyone is impressed.


The owner of the time is said to be Prince umayado (around 600 A.D.) 1300 years ago, and Prince Shotokutaisi (also famous for his manga and angels at the time). It is a person who accomplished the feat of enacting Article 17 Constitution (the world's first pacifly constitution), but it is recorded that he entrusted the important Mitaka to his aide, kawaKatsu Hata.



It is not known why Prince Shotokutaisi let go of the important Buddha statues he believes in, but  kawaKatsu Hata built koryu-ji Temple and treasured and inherited The Mausoleum.

kawaKatsu Hata is a historical figure not well known in Japan, but we can see from here that it is thanks to the Clans that we can enjoy Japanese culture now.

少しずつ、深い日本の謎を探って行きましょう。                                                                                                 Let's explore the deep state of Japan little by little.



Japan's First National Treasure

弥勒菩薩半跏思惟像(みろくぼさつはんかしゆいぞう) 「Mirok bosatsu Han ka shiYui zou」                              



1本の木から彫られた彫刻の美は秀逸で、繊細な中に温和な優しさを発し、その姿から放つエネルギーは感動を覚えます。 1200年前「空海」の遺言では、弥勒菩薩とともに再び蘇ると残されています。それだけ大きな力を持つと言われており、広隆寺はパワースポットにもなっています。ここの弥勒菩薩を探ると、素晴らしい日本を創ってきた先人の顔が見えて来るので大変重要な文化遺産です!その広隆寺は時を経て守られており、現代でも山門に向かって右には大きな消防署、そして左側には警察署があり厳重に守られています。

The beauty of the sculpture carved from a tree is excellent, and a emits  gentleness in a delicateut in the delicate, and the energy released from the figure is impressive. In the will of "Kukai (sky&sea)" 1200 years ago, it is left when it revives again with Maitreya. It is said that it has such a great power, and koury-ji Temple is also a power spot. It is a very important cultural heritage because the face of the fore person who has created a wonderful Japan comes into view when I search for Mitaka here! The koury-ji Temple is protected over time, and even today there is a large fire station on the right to the top gate, and a police station on the left.


Shinto 神道

Shinto('the way of the gods)is the indigenous faith of the japanese people and as old as japan itself.it remains Japan's major religion alongside Buddhism.


Shinto does not have founders. There is no sacred scripture like sutras or the Bible. Propaganda and sermons are not common e.e. Shinto is said to be home to God in sunlight, forests, water, rocks and winds, and it becomes a awe-inspiring faith in nature, and it is a tradition rooted in the hearts of the Japanese without incidentally worshipping it.




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Japan's deepest history is also the history of the longest nation in the world.




Known as a long-term dynasty in the history of the world, the David dynasty lasted about 400 years around 1000 BC.

To tell the truth, it is not well known that a dynasty longer than the David dynasty is in Japan.

Japan's imperial family (dynasty history) continues to this day. Since about 2650 years ago, it has been in history since Emperor Jinmu and is now 125 generations old.


日本の歴史で正式に認められた史書は、有名な「古事記」や「日本書紀」などあります。             ちょうど今年が、「日本書紀」が編纂されて1300年になる記念すべく年(2020年)です。